Novel Promo Video #1

Here is the first video promo of “Passion and Peril on the Silk Road.” If you’re getting this blog by email, you may have to go visit the site directly to see it. Or go to YouTube>>> at the madinpursuit channel.

I decided on this minimalist approach for 2 reasons. (1) I have been playing a lot with sound recording and radio productions this year, so my head is into it. (2) Most of the low-budget book promos I’ve seen are either animated Powerpoint presentations or explosive! slam! bang! effect-o-ramas. For my first try I needed to be different. I labored over making it really sound-artsy, with lots of other faint radio broadcasts in the background (baseball, music, talk) as if this were a sort of pirate radio station found at 3 AM. I also recorded video of Jim in silhouette, tuning a radio against our sunny front window full of statuary… and an icy glass of “gin” in his hand — as if he were Jackson listening to what the world had to say about his drama. But, damn, nothing artsy worked, so here I am.

I’d like to do a little 30-second one, an author interview… different ones for different purposes. But I think I need a break now for some actual writing.

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2 Responses to Novel Promo Video #1

  1. Clever. I like your radio/video book promo. BTW, I come to you via SheWrites. I having a blast getting to know some of the writers (and procrastinating cleaning my office so I can safely install my new printer). Hope to see you around and good luck with your book promotion. Seems like you are on the cutting edge for POD fiction.

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