Who Am I?

I went to bed last night worrying that I don’t have a zippy 5-line bio for my new-edition book cover and for all the social networking sites I’ve been exploring. Unless you go exploring into my website or deep into the wilds of Amazon.com, my novel might as well have been written by Anonymous. I guess I was feeling anonymous when I put together my book package in November because I had no impressive writing credentials to list or awards to brag about. I didn’t think my bio was a selling point.

But now — after always glancing at other author bios and after hearing so many of my readers tell someone she really was in Pakistan — I need to kick my self out from behind the curtain. Being invisible is not being mysterious.

But it’s weird to try to sum up your life in way that deliberately says, “I want you to want to get to know me. I want you to love me.” I’d rather be silent than sound like an asshole. But silence is not good.

For the book cover on the new edition I need something like, “Susan Barrett Price sketched scenes for this novel during her own road trip through Pakistan and Islamic China. She and her future husband found themselves in landslides, village lockdowns, and cold-water shangri-las. They bought ancient beads and carpets from refugees. They survived being conned and being arrested. Price discovered that traveling the borderline between wonder and insanity creates the most anxious characters and the most chilling plots.”

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One Response to Who Am I?

  1. kathleen says:

    As Kitty Mom would say,”Nothing is accomplished in silence”.
    Your new book sounds very interesting,relating your trip and other things.

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