Marketing ConFAB for Indie Designer-Publishers

I’m regrouping from two days of intense discussion with my team of peer consultants: Pat Drum and Lesley “Seeking to Simplify” Paiva. With our motto of Fun, Friends, Fabulous, the “Fabs” are meeting sort-of-annually in Virginia, Florida or New York for strategic planning around our respective projects. Marketing was the theme for our third annual roundtable. Even though Lesley designs and publishes software and I write and publish novels, the marketing issues are similar. How do we connect with the people out there looking for just what we have to offer?

We picked up a lot of inspiration from TED Talks: Seth Godin on Standing Out and The Tribes We Lead; and Joseph Pine on What Consumers Want; with a final inspiration from Clay Sharkey on How Social Media Can Make History.

Our challenges: How to be Remarkable — how to stand out in the vast herd of Goods and Very Goods. How to render our Authenticity in a world of puffed-up posers, in a world where “faking sincerity” has been the salesman’s mantra ever since PT Barnum coined the phrase. How to be Socially Networked in a meaningful way, in an environment where social media promises much but delivers little.

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