Egg on my Window

I woke up this morning to find that someone had egged my second-floor studio window. The mess of yellow and clear slime was still damp when I noticed it shortly after sunrise. WTF?

I’d blame a confused Canada goose for dropping one in mid-flight. But there are sort of gooey¬† “hit” marks on the upper inside of the window frame. Four of them. Last I heard, goose eggs don’t bounce.

Luckily it was on the part of the window Jim and I could reach with our long-handled sponge-squeegee thing and lucky I saw it before it dried hard as glue. Otherwise I’d need to find a window washer with an extension ladder.

It gives me the creeps to think of mischief-makers lurking around the back of our condo. Maybe the same ones who absconded with my bird feeders…?

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