Wearing of the Green for People of Iran

brain-green-70px-sqI have a million things to do, but I’m sitting here getting swept up into the aftermath of the Iran election and the Twitter phenomenon surrounding it.

I read the Cyberwar Guide. Changed the background of my Twitter icon to green. Changed my Twitter location to “Tehran” and my time zone to “+3:30” (Tehran). We’re told this will provide cover for real Iranian Tweeters, since government officials are searching for them by place and timezone.

If you aren’t a Twitter person, go to Twitpipe, a live Twitter feed. In the field at the tops of the columns type in #iranelection in one and #gr88 in another. Press PLAY if it isn’t already streaming. You’ll quickly go blind with the flurry of posts, so you have to press PAUSE. There is a lot of BS and a few nuggets of spine-tingling desperate communication — but you can’t really tell which is which. Pranksters and well-meaning idiots never rest.

Still, I’m drawn in. I guess this is a cheap way to feel involved in a world event — a safe way to feel like you’re part of a movement. Even in the coziness of my room, it gives me a chill to think of people whose optimism has been squelched by corruption and whose struggles to communicate are being hunted down.

I also belong to the “be careful what you wish for” school of anxiety. Death to dictators, yes. Failed Iranian state in chaos and collapse between Iraq and Afghanistan-Pakistan? That would be very ugly.

Power to the people.

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