Writer Blues & Cookie Dough

Barnes & Noble responded to my request to sell “Passion & Peril” with a long, chatty letter. Bottom line: I need to use Lightning Source, their supplier of print-on-demand books.

The B&N rep said they had no bias against self-publishing and the “print-on-demand method has helped democratize publishing, enabling many more writers to realize their dream…” But buried in there was this statement: “Our research has shown us that most self-published titles sell about 100 copies, and most of those to friends and family.”

I read this to mean: we predict you are going to be a big loser!

I scrawled across the envelope: “BE AGGRESSIVE.” Yeah. So I’m sitting here eating raw cookie dough. Way to be a loser.

It’s funny isn’t it, how we can guarantee our failure 100% but we can only tinker with the odds of success.

I sang my blues to Jim, who was all like wish I could help you but I love you no matter what. Even if I’m a loser.

All right, this cookie dough is making me sick to my stomach. Yes, I did start the registration process for Lightning Source. Yes, I did file my tax form so that Mobipocket could pay me the 35-cent royalty I earned this week by buying my own ebook. Yes, I contacted my friend Kathie about getting on her book club agenda. Yes, I wrote down a few more notes for Novel #2 “Smugglers’ Road” — the part where good old Harry tells the disillusioned Stella that she’s got a lot of work ahead of her.

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