Hate Talk :: Hate Crime

I’m reading Joan Walsh’s column on Salon: “Can Right-Wing Hate Talk Lead To Murder?

In November Americans voted against the paranoid torturing, wire-tapping, chest-thumping darkside. Phew.

Sadly, it seems to have unloosed the dark homegrown fringe element we saw during the Clinton administration — Oklahoma City, Waco. (I’m going to read that Dept of Homeland Security report on right-wing extremism now.) I’d prefer that we not refer to right-wing extremism (it only provokes whining from the righties), but that we condemn extremism of any kind that justifies violence in the name of righteousness. Who put the “wing” in wingnut? Lone wolf killers and extremist groups are just nuts.

And it’s deeply disturbing to hear the paranoia whipped up by “conservative” broadcasters in the name of “entertainment.” Why is Obama’s America still listening to these people? Why are Rush and Fox News still so popular? They seem to preach nothing but ugliness.

Why aren’t sponsors and station owners embarrassed by all the snarky paranoia and (if I can take a page from the conservative book) lack of patriotism?

How do I get counted for not listening to hate-mongers?

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