Delicious to Share

No, not a chocolate bar (though I’m eating one as I write — not sharing).

I’m updating my research on antiquities smuggling, looting, theft, etc. for novel #2, so I’m trying to use the latest and greatest tools. And why not share my findings with the world as I go along? Nothing sends cold sweat down the spine of artifact collectors like knowing they could be thrown into jail at any second for cultural atrocities or crimes against humanity.

[01] Google Search. Of course. If I find a good article, then…

[02] Delicious bookmark. I use my Google bookmarks for things I have to remember, like my sales-related sites and my self-publishing sites. But I’m starting to use for tagging interesting articles, tutorials, public auction results, etc. Unless you specify otherwise, Delicious bookmarks are public. I installed a Delicious toolbar on my browser, so bookmarking is only a right-click away. The secret is in the “tagging” so you can categorize and classify — so you can find what you bookmarked at a later date. (These can always be revised when an organizational mood strikes and you’ve already put your markers in rainbow order.)

Like I said, Delicious bookmarks can be shared. So today I’m setting up bookmarks under my tag “trafficantiquities.”

[03] Back to Google. Search “antiquities smuggling|loot|stolen” [the “|” symbol means OR]. If I click on News instead of Web I get all the latest news stories on this topic. In the right column you see a link for News Alert. You can set this up so that every day you get an email notice of all the recent news stories.

You can also make a Delicious bookmark for the URL of your Google Search. That way, whenever you (or your fans) visit “trafficantiquities” they will also have a link to all the latest news stories.

[04] YouTube. Times have definitely changed! Now I can look for video on various locations in Thailand and on various topics like the drug trade there (they’ve added meth to the traditional opium). You can put together a Playlist of relevant research within YouTube. Then, when you bring your playlist up for view, you can bookmark that page too in Delicious. Whatever videos you add to the playlist from then on should be accessible through the one bookmark. (Of course their are other video services too, which would have to be bookmarked separately.)

I’m sizzlin’!

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