Passion &-Peril: Read A Thriller While You're Supposed To Be Working!

I’m testing this widget — my WHOLE NOVEL at your fingertips, for FREE. How cool is that? But who wants to read a novel on their computer screen, right? So intrigued readers will have to just buy the paperback, right? I’m having fun, right?

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9 Responses to Passion &-Peril: Read A Thriller While You're Supposed To Be Working!

  1. kathleen price says:

    Now that’s pretty good, but I won’t go through the whole book since I read it and it was an excellent thriller, the kind I like

  2. madinpursuit says:

    I see now that there is no bookmarking, so unless you’re a fast reader, it would be pretty awkward to read at your computer. However, if anyone does want to read it at your desk, it’s available at Mobipocket for only 99-cents, with a free desktop reader.

  3. Kathleen says:

    That’s pretty cool…to look at…but awkward to try and read. It zooms in and out too quickly.

  4. Pat says:


  5. kathleen price says:

    where do I find mobipocket

  6. madinpursuit says:

    “Passion & Peril” on Mobipocket is here>>>

    The Mobipocket Reader is here>>>. Readers are available for PCs or for various mobile devices.

    Tell all your friends.

  7. madinpursuit says:

    But doesn’t it just make you want to click the BUY button?! (I don’t know about the zooming in and out issue. I stood behind Jim when he was trying it and he was doing like a whole-body ballet to get a page to turn instead of just clicking.)

    Anyway, tell all your friends.

  8. Looks fantastic … And it’s also a thrilling read! We’re going to link to this page from the home page of We’ve also introduced some brand new Twitter features (tweets go out once every four hours when readers open the book.) So you may want to update your twitter details on BookBuzzr / fReado.


    Vikram Narayan

  9. madinpursuit says:

    Thanks, Vikram. Bookbuzzr is quite a cool little widget.

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