Smugglers Road

I suppose the greatest thrill in my novel-writing life was securing a New York City literary agent, Laurie Liss, who was fresh off selling what turned out to be a best-seller (“The Bridges of Madison County”) and who said my novel “Smugglers’ Road” was going to be an “easy sell.” That was 1991 — I can’t believe it was 18 years ago.

Okay, she was right about “Bridges,” wrong about “Smugglers.” Damn.

She stood by me for 4 years, through the Pakistan-based sequel, and the combine-them-both-into-one saga, till she finally blew me off.

Now I’m an “indie.” I sent Laurie a copy of my book. I’m grateful to her in so many ways… so maybe now she’d like to sell it to the movies with George Clooney and Angelina Jolie playing the leads…? No response. Double damn.

What I started to say was that I dug out the manuscript and computer file for “Smugglers’ Road,” which takes place in Thailand and reflects the trip Jim and I took there in 1990. And it reflects a ton of research into smuggling artifacts and the ethical dilemmas of collectors, archaeologists, dealers, etc. It even has an extremist group, so timely in today’s world.

I’m re-reading it. I really like it. Though now I can see its flaws.

I think I will be able to market “Passion and Peril” better if I feel like a working novelist… so, indie novel #2, here I come.

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