Outta Control

My brain is a careening vehicle — is it a 4-wheel ATV weaving in and out of cars on a super highway or is it an aging Oldsmobile lumbering through a Georgia swamp? I don’t have a clue.

I’ve been zeroing in on my writing, testing short forms, which then could be turned into radio scripts. Today I posted another entry at Pen 10: Zuzu’s Thoughts on Being Arrested in Pakistan. Two possible avenues: do our whole Central Asian adventure in this short form, concentrating on the feel of the moment. Or, a little series called “What’s Fear Got to Do With It?” — about those moments when you should be terribly afraid, but you really don’t have the luxury of feeling fear — or you’re feeling something ridiculous instead.

Then I made the mistake of checking on my sales numbers for “Passion & Peril.” Ouch. I’ve been trying to step up my marketing efforts this week but now, like the song says, I’m gonna eat some worms.

So I went out for a box o’ wine.

In the car I had an idea. I’m not promoting myself — or just hiring a damn publicist — because I don’t feel like a novelist. I have this perception of myself as writing fiction way back in the nineties. Now I’m onto something else (these short subjects that you have to keep thinking up every single week). So why not write another novel??!! Everybody loves me as a novelist, even if they never finished the book. And isn’t love what it’s all about?

I dug out my original Jackson-Nellie-Dan manuscript, which takes place in Thailand. It would require a lot of revision and new writing, since parts were used for “Passion & Peril.” I could change the names and throw them into the action sooner and really concentrate on the relationship between 2 characters, not 3.  Oh, look — in 1996 I started doing that — I have a folder — about a hundred pages but yikes it goes off in a completely different direction.

If anyone has any advice, let me know!!!

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