Passion & Peril Marketing

Amazon is changing things around for authors again. They are now setting up Author Pages: mine is here>>> (It’s still in “beta” so I have no idea how customers — fans — will find me there. Kind of like my stupid “fan page” at Facebook — who the heck looks at it?)

Doing this made me realize that I have never put together my “author’s bio.” So you will se it there. The photo isn’t exactly a portrait, but gosh I was having fun! And isn’t that the point of getting my novel out and read? Writing the bio was also fun — kind of got me pumped up.

I also launched a revision of my PassionAndPeril.Com website, from one page to, I don’t know, several.

But, hmmm, I still need readers… and readers telling other readers. I did get my first review on Amazon from someone I don’t know — friend of a friend of a friend. That was really cool to find.

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