Enough Winter Soup Already

Jim and I live on soup. Ok we refer to it as “stew-p” because it always winds up being more veggies than broth. But it’s finally warm(ish) in Rochester and I can’t bear to look at another turnip.

If Jim were a salad-eater, I fill the fridge with greens, but he isn’t. And I’m so off meat that it seems pointless to fire up the grill just for zucchini.

There isn’t anything summerish about Indian food (except that it’s hot in India, I guess). But I decided that Indian food is going to be this month’s passion because… well, we just need some new flavors. And rice is not potatoes.

So I stocked up on exotic spices this morning at the public market and ground my own garam masala (cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, cumin, black pepper, nutmeg). I have an ancient Cuisinart mini-grinder that doesn’t grind coffee at all well and I keep threatening to pitch it — but it did ok on the spices (reprieve).

We’ll see what dreamy dishes transpire.

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One Response to Enough Winter Soup Already

  1. Pat says:

    I’ve been looking at some neat pampered chef “meatless” receipts, should you (or Jim) reject “Indian”. I mean “garam masala” — that just doesn’t really sound too tasty to me. We had so-so black bean burgers last night; an interesting trial run getting ready for vegetarian guests who are visiting us this week. I also thought the receipt for creamy spinach ravioli sounded ok too. Let us know how the “garam masala” goes — and I bet I won’t be the only sympathetic soul who will feel a little pity for Jim and offer you some helpful hints and alternatives.

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