Family History Rabbit Hole

Did you ever wake up with plans to do one thing and find yourself doing something completely different? I woke up with plans to organize another radio production around some family history. Last night on the Transom forum I made a reference to my radio piece on uncle “Mahoney” then raced over to make sure my webpage was “dusted off” for company. What other good stories lurk in my history, I asked myself?

Nellie Flanagan

Nellie Flanagan

I went over to the pages about the death of my great aunt Nellie and re-read the coroner’s inquest. Oh, gosh — I had forgotten it was so gripping. What a portrait it paints of desperate days trying every foolhardy remedy to terminate a pregnancy and finally succumbing to a fatal poke of — what? a knitting needle?

But this morning I side-stepped the tale. I wound up fretting over messy layouts and confusing links. I tidied up a bunch of family history web pages, did some office work, made a salad, took a walk… so much simpler than considering all of life’s crossroads and all the choices that change everything.

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