Uploading Audio

There is no YouTube for audio. Facebook does not provide for uploading sound files. MySpace allows audio posting but only if you register as a musician, at which point your page becomes all about your next gig.

I had an old 1943 recording featuring my aunt and thought it would make a fun mother’s day memory for my cousins.

My workaround: Open movie editor (e.g., Premiere Pro). Import and lay down the audio on a track. Generate black video (or put a plain black graphic) on the video track. Export as a Quicktime movie, cropping the video size down to 180 x 120 px. The result was a big file (65 MB), but it uploaded and plays in Facebook, with all the video advantages of tagging and commenting. Check it out here>>>

Actually, there are a lot of songs on YouTube that just have some video or photographs slapped up for visuals. And maybe we’ve gotten used to music videos. But some will argue that sound maps to a specific place in the brain and adding pictures diverts it somewhere else. The experience changes.

The 66-year-old recording of my aunt, grandparents, and mom deserves to remain a pure audio memory.

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