Rochester Public Market

Rochester Public Market

Rochester Public Market

This morning Jim & I kicked off marketing season with a 6 AM visit to the public market downtown — not the cheapest that early, but the easiest parking. Of course, once parked, we had to stop at the Bakery for coffee and a sweet before the shopping spree.

We bought turnips, a ton of asparagus, mushrooms, small tomatoes, lemons, salad greens and some crazy wild leeks. The strawberries are still from California, but I got some to get in the habit of making fruit salad regularly again. And Jim bought a wallet… and some cookies from the Mennonites of Seneca Falls.

Oh, and my very favorite microgreens from Freshwise Farms — organic, hydroponic, what more perfect food can there be?

It’s all part of my annual Provence-in-Penfield plan: eat locally, simply, cheaply and deliciously during our short but beautiful summer season. And what I also love about the public market: everyone is smiling.

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2 Responses to Rochester Public Market

  1. Pat says:

    Happy Days are on there way again….Summertime in NY state is just the best!!

  2. deb says:

    I love market, too! I agree about the part. Why is that? Parking is a challenge and there are crowds of people.

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