What Would Google Do?

I’m listening to the audio-book What Would Google Do? by journalist Jeff Jarvis. He’s one of those cranky visionaries, leading us kicking and screaming out of the 20th century, using Google as the business model. (The Powerpoint presentation is here>>>.) Even though I’m enjoying life in the slow-track, I’m still fascinated by breakthrough innovations and the hysterics they cause among people who cling to their old ways.

Right now people are fainting over the “death of newspapers.” Danadug summarizes the issue in “Newspapers in a State of Flux.” Senator Kerry is holding hearings as some wonder if newspapers should be “bailed out.” But (unsentimentally) I agree with Jarvis: “Don’t bail. Build.” In this blog-post one of Jeff’s readers outlines old thinking vs. new>>>.

I’m sentimental about doing research in a library and thumbing through a dictionary and crawling into bed with a volume of the encyclopedia. But I’m over it. When I can’t stretch out on the couch with inky sheets of newsprint, I might be wistful, but I won’t be ignorant.

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