Sound Art & Experimental Radio

It’s got a vibe but ain’t music. It’s got a voice but ain’t talk. Where I live, in Great Lakes America, radio provides journalism, faux-journalism, bloviation, and Jesus. But somewhere else, far far away, realism and purpose yield to play. Freed from the shackles of News (and Good News), the “psychic engineers” of fringe radio are the expressive avant-garde romantics who ride by mythic night and who exploit the visceral impact of sound itself on our souls. The intertwining of meaning and static (signal and noise) become as complex and evocative as a Jackson Pollock painting.

I’ve been tuning in to a great conversation about sound art at, with guest Gregory Whitehead. It has inspired me to get more organized about my learning. While listening to the mind-bending avant-garde, fluxus, and outsider audio art at the ubuweb archive, I pulled together as many resources as I could find for a new Mad In Pursuit Resource Page on Sound Art>>>.

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  1. Radiolariax says:

    Radiolariax: signal and wave hunting

    The hunt for weird radio signals and other electromagnetic waves with small, cheap modified radios, cassette players, walkie-talkies, mp3 players, dictaphones, babyphones, pc speakers, vacuum cleaners and particle accelerators.

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