Back from the Backwoods

Swamp Man or Farmer Jamie?

Swamp Man or Farmer Jamie?

All I have left is the cluster of mosquito bites on my ankles. And the sound of laughter in my ears. The grand finale of our trip south was a day at Pat & Joe’s hunting camp in the Georgia cypress swamps — the coastal wetlands between I-95 and the Atlantic, about an hour’s drive south of Savannah. After waking up their trailer-camper-cabin and popping open a couple beers for Pat and me, we learned how to ride that essential swamp vehicle, the 4-wheel All-Terrain Vehicle.

Then off to the hunting grounds. It’s off-season so we had the place to ourselves. And the giant mosquitos had lunch! Never mind about them — we kept moving. Jim and I climbed behind Pat and Joe on the ATVs and off into the swamp we went. Aiiiiyeeeeee….. Then Joe made me drive. I only crashed into one tree.

Shsan & Pat show off their sharp-shooting targets

Susan & Pat show off their sharp-shooting targets

Then it was time to practice our shootin’ at Joe’s gun range. Joe is a natural teacher so he made everything seem easy as 1-2-3. His rifles also have these cool telescopic scopes, so even a moron like myself managed to get my shots within an inch or two of the bullseye.

By the time we got back to the cabin, Jim was grinning and I felt like I was on my way to a woodswoman merit badge. And there were stars in the sky that night.

(My full East Coast travel notebook is here>>> .)

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