Thoughts on Easter

I woke up thinking about redemption — the opportunity (with some humility and some repentence) to rise from the ashes of sin and defeat. My thoughts move quickly from religion to politics. Bill Clinton redeemed himself; Elliot Spitzer is trying; maybe George W. Bush will. Some, like Dick Cheney, stubbornly cling to the Dark Side.

I do think of Obama as kind of Biblical hero, helping us to relearn that being good doesn’t mean being weak. But now it’s conservatives wandering in the desert. Instead of humility and repentence, they’ve gone totally whacko, spinning fantastical stories about Obama’s fascism-slash-socialism totalitarian state in the making (all the worse because you know they are doing it for the ratings). Can Jon Stewart save us?

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I also like this article from Media Matters: “Glenn Beck and the Rise of Fox News’ Militia.”

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