Morning Report

WTF. 6 A.M. Cars and grass are covered with snow. Say it ain’t so!!

Yesterday I spent the morning absorbed in some little graphics for my “Kathleen’s Machine” video. It’s moving along. Trying to let my distraction be viewing Adobe Illustrated video tutorials, then testing out the new skill on my work page. And I have my Twitter Search feed set to “animation” and “motion graphics,” which sometimes points to the inspiring work of others.

Major entertainment yesterday afternoon was having an “occlusional equilibration.” The dentist spent an hour grinding and reshaping the surface of my back teeth (kind of like evening the legs of a table). End result: I can once again tap my front teeth together and my back teeth all settle into a more natural bite. It’s supposed to cure my phantom toothaches and save me from future jaw joint malfunction. My bite feels “better” but what will it mean in the long run?

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