Afternoon Report

Rainy day in Rochester. After yesterday’s flurry of business, I suddenly honed in on an old project. Am I ready to get it done this time? The project in question is the one where I blend a 2003 interview with my mother and an array of home-recorded sound clips from the 1940s. I abandoned the project more than a year ago after it got too complicated and fried my brain. Luckily (I suppose), the mix file I was working on then has disappeared (damn that Adobe Audition; this is the second time), so I have to start fresh (back in Sony Acid, my reliable old favorite).

This time I decided to make it a multi-media production — a movie, probably 6 or 7 minutes — with some title slides, some simple graphics. There are no good venues for “just” sound. Sites like YouTube, Flickr, and Facebook only host videos. And since I am definitively a jack of all trades, master of none, I will make use of whatever competence I have in a variety of mediums.

Hope I can get a little creative flow going. Obviously I’m not flowing yet because I took time out to make popcorn, pour myself a glass of wine, fiddle with the soup on the stove, and write this.

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