Morning Report

A flurry of activity. :: Communicating with a knowledgeable collector of Hollywood studio photographs on Flickr. Nice to find an expert who appreciates the archive I posted there. :: A Canadian photohistory newletter wants to publish my tutorial on restoring color to old Kodacolor prints. Got that ready.  :: Three male robins are having a territorial faceoff out my window. A must-see. :: A guy in England bought one of the high-end photos out of my store. W00t — wine money for April! Got that shipped off. :: Took a walk using Pat Drum’s “Faster” walking playlist. OMG, had to downshift to “Fast.” :: Getting a 10-second animation ready for presentation. Thoroughly annoyed and frustrated that the upgrade of my web software is giving me garbage.

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One Response to Morning Report

  1. Pat says:

    “THE” ANIMATING THAT I KNOW AND LOVE is on the move.. and it sounds like so much other good stuff is hitting and coming together for you all at once….onward and upward. YEA!

    As far as the OMG stuff, it’s ok to shift down from “Faster” to “Fast”…ANYTIME! But one day, you will pull out all the stops and go for the biggest and “Fastest” pace!! For you, it would probably be while going DOWN that hill from the crows’ nest. Me (the Florida flatlander)…..I pulled it out today….. blowing along ….. WITH the wind at my back. Important to be smart when you are over 60 (smile)!

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