Morning Report

Rebooting. A Monday to get back on track with yoga, meditation, eating/drinking moderation, etc.

I have all my little scraps of paper laid out on a corkboard trying to regroup and re-center myself. I went a little nutty these past few weeks signing up for Twitter, newletters, RSS feeds, and notifications. Now what? My mailbox is stuffed and my brain is on tilt. Why was all this a good idea?

I’m shuffling around my bits of paper. A jigsaw puzzle. A ouija board. Inputs… Process… Outputs. Tools… Methods. Outlets. Where am I going with all this activity? So, Objectives.

A lot of “signing up” falls under the category of Environmental Scanning. What’s going on out there? Where are the collectibles and antiques markets? Who are the interesting and inspiring people I should be learning from? What’s the deal with self-publishing?

It’s good to remind myself to open these Pandora’s boxes of questions. But now I need to figure out my information filters so that I don’t spend all my time twittering with Pandora.

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