Twittering Again

I can’t stand it that everyone is talking Twitter and I can’t figure out what it’s good for. Does twittering produce only hot air or is it the fluttering breeze of possibilities? @madinpursuit wants to know.

I downloaded TweetDeck to my desktop. Went to TwitterGrader to identify the “twitter elite” in Rochester and picked out a couple people to Follow. (See also Twitterholic.) The open TweetDeck panel on my desktop makes it easy to watch twitters and to type out a friendly response. (Impossible to learn Twitter on iPhone.) At the Twitter site I searched on a few topics I’m interested in (“art market,” “folk art”) and found a couple more people to follow. I read 11 Ways To Lose Friends And Followers Online (found via a Tweet). Following begets Followers — nice. I tweeted a couple things, trying to be “on topic” and not boring.

I reactivated the Twitter Updates widget in my blog sidebar for no real reason except to look totally cool and slightly mysterious.

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