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Nothing like a new project to get me up in the morning. I decided to create a photo archive of “everything” and give it to the world via Flickr (and a limited Creative Commons license that allows others to use the photos for non-commercial purposes). On Flickr, interested people can comment on or tag photos in a way that (I hope) will add to our collective knowledge. (Tip o’ the hat to Deb C. for the idea.)

Before I crashed into bed last night I decided this would also be a good primary display venue for my “Lost Family of Fredonia” photo collection, which Jim and I have both been pouring (poring?) over for years and can’t figure out what to do with. This morning I got it going with an interesting set of hunting photos that Charles O Mason put into an album about 1910. Check them out>>> The slide show feature is amazing! And this is my introductory page>>>

Last night I put up the African artifacts, with photos both impressive and impressively bad. Here>>>

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