Where In The World Is Susan's Brain?

I am listening to radio (incl. replays of “Hardball” and Olberman) on Stitcher (both desktop and iPhone). Watching re-runs of Colbert and “Daily Show” on Hulu. Waiting breathlessly between episodes of Big Love on HBO (living room TV). Podcast listening: Rachel Maddow, Speaking of Faith, Studio 360, Ebay Radio and more. Reading: “Watchmen,” still (Borders, Xmas gift certificate); Mircea Eliade’s “The Sacred & the Profane: The Nature of Religion” (used, Abebooks); and “Flayderman’s Guide to Antique American Firearms” (J’s bookshelf).

Visiting with far-flung friends and relatives at Facebook. Keeping track of some auctions at Christies, Sotheby’s and Swann Galleries. Getting involved at I Antique Online. Continually inspired by the artists and crafters who post their stuff on Flickr (search stuff like collage, visual journal, sketch) and Heutekunst.

Getting my news at HuffPost (but dinner hour at CNN). Getting my in-depth at Salon and in The New Yorker (prefer hard copy).

Still trying to figure out a reason to Twitter.

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