Evening Report

yikesThe day had a careening feel to it somehow. The cable guy was in and out trying to hook up our phones and not disconnect us from our alarm system. The alarm had to be tested before and after at truly ear-piercing volumes. In between bouncing up and downstairs, Jim and I sat at my worktable puzzling out the identities of the last 15 or so antique whosiwhatses of the 40 in the Watchamacallit>Thingamabob category, triangulating between reference books, database transcribed from old receipts, and the clues hidden on the actual objects. A puzzle depending on both systematic thinking and intuitive strokes of genius (aka, luck). Crazy enough, we did it! Now, only 149 more to go.

Deaf and blind by afternoon, Jim escaped in the car and I did a quick trot over to Staples for more of those little tags on strings. Everything labeled from here on!!! Then I spent an unreasonable amount of time battling the “pivot table” feature in Excel. Can’t a day go by without a techno-trial?

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