Morning Report

It’s 7:20 AM and I’m watching a light snow turning the woods white again. Ambivalent about this: pretty, but… groan. Decided to screw the meditation time this morning and launch right into my wrestling match with Excel 2007 and my latest collectibles database. Round 1 is completed: receipts for 289 items recorded and sorted. Now we need to pick a category and actually find each thing. Quite a few have already been traded away.

Also finishing up taxes. Waiting for the cable guy. We’re switching our phone service to Time-Warner cable. Same number. Same cost. A few bells & whistles. Since I’m only a semi-geek, we’ve been in the dark ages about things like Caller ID and our voice mail system is terrible… not that anyone ever calls except for charities and the Democrats.

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  1. Katrina says:

    Susan, you should know by now that March in Rochester is NOT spring, even though it seems to be everywhere else in the northern hemmisphere, except maybe Siberia! Oh, how I do not miss those long winters…affordable houses and cute, quaint little towns and fabulous Fall colors, I do miss that!

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