Gun Show

It was a first for me — the Niagara Frontier Collectors gun show in Hamburg NY. Part of our plan to ratchet up our knowledge and tracking of markets for our various collecting interests. We found three dealers in antique firearms who are interested in buying, so we got their cards. Research. Research.

It was a sunny frigid day for our 90-mile drive to the town south of Buffalo. The gun show was packed — guys in camou and caps, not looking for antiques. It was a sweaty, shoulder-to-shoulder experience. A little exciting. I could be a gun person, because it’s full of categories and gadgets and must-haves.

But I am a typical girly liberal who gets queasy about war and blood sports. But I’ve decided (philosopher that I am) to face the queasiness and discover the fascination — not about shooting, but about collecting and appreciating. The history of firearms and their manufacture certainly has something to say about our inventiveness and about ways of dealing with our fear of what lurks in the dark.

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