Web Community Chaos & Confusion

I lead a simple life. I’m methodical and organized to a boring degree. And YET! I cannot keep track of all the various social networks and online communities I’ve signed up to be part of. Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, and other venues for radio, video, antique-collecting, drawing, plus all the ones I can’t remember. Bookmarks? Labeled and sorted gMail? Roladex??!! I wanted to upload something to a comics site this morning and can’t find it anywhere.

Am I hopelessly 20th-century in my need to know what the hell I’ve signed up for? What resources I’ve already discovered? Or do I just embrace that kind of chaotic-senile feeling and make every day a new adventure in (re)discovery. Is that what “living in the moment” means? I go looking for the latest auction results at Sothebys and wind up commenting on Bobby Jindal. And then it’s time for a glass of wine, my digital footprints already washed away by the tide of unsorted information.

And don’t get me started on keeping track of passwords.

How does the tech-savvy 30-year-old career-family person keep it all pinned down?

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