Obama Rocks

I loved Obama’s speech last night because, for an hour at least, I felt the excitement of living in dangerous times. The Rockies may crumble, Gibralter may tumble, but America is here to stay, because we have ideas. And we of all people know how to make ideas work. So let’s take the rubble and put those new ideas into action. When your life shatters, create a mosaic. I like that kind of energy.

Some clever person said, “never waste a crisis.” We were appalled when Bush-Cheney used 9/11 to push their neocon agenda. It nearly ruined us. But here now Obama has learned the lesson: rebuilding a healthy, green America is not a priority that will have to wait till this recession is over — it is the answer. Bravo!

And don’t you just love Joe Biden, beaming sunshine over the President’s shoulder? He’s totally the anti-Cheney, isn’t he?

But Bobby Jindal — not ready for center stage, too wrapped in the twisted rhetoric of Bush, that bizarro universe where Americans are too clever to need a government. Back in the box for you, Bobby.

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