Paperwork Day

Archives I geared myself up for a creative cartooning day, but through an odd twist of the time-space continuum, I found myself doing taxes, with Jim doing his portion in the next room.

Trying to find what kind of profit I made on various sales led me into the (shudder) photographica archives. Between 1979 and 1997, Jim kept diligent track of all his antique photo-related purchases, in chronological order, on little scraps of paper. Very neat. Impossible to find anything.

I decided to go through every single receipt, skipping past the $5 tintypes and $3 postcards to the more valuable things that fit into MY little sale lists. It kept me busy all day and now into the evening. A few puzzles solved. Lots of memories of all the photo shows we went to and the characters who populated them. I pulled out a few items, but left the rest exactly intact. How else could it be organized? So much has already been traded away. Besides, now the “shoebox” stands as testimony to an era, Jim’s lively footprints through a pre-Ebay world of shops and shows.

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