Review for "Passion & Peril"

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A perilous journey of mystery, love, and danger — an intense thriller!!

By Patricia Drum (Ponce Inlet, Florida, USA)

What a great story. Jackson and Nellie! What happened to their love 10 years ago? What will happen to them now? Jackson has barely recovered from the horrible murder of his lover Catherine — apparently in an art deal gone bad. And his old flame Nellie shows up. Will her spirited attempt to help her beloved Jackson “solve the case” succeed? Or will Jackson cure his sorrows by going back on the road, back in business with the new woman, Anna?

Soon, Jackson and Nellie are separated again. Their perilous journey and inability to communicate with each other is riveting, as they travel back toward each other through the isolated border towns between China & Pakistan. As their many companions reveal themselves, one only wonders, are they friend or foe — ally or enemy — help or hindrance? A child, and even the dead Catherine, play a part in making matters worse. All becomes more and more intertwined and perplexing in this tale of weakness, hope, deceit and danger. Their entanglements are only compounded by the customs and culture of the remote countries in which they find themselves. Twists and turns in time and place shock the imagination. Suspense builds from love and remorse to fear, terror, and death.

The author’s knowledge of these faraway countries and their culture was impressive. She tucked details into every situation, making this mysterious part of the world and the twisted business of art dealing come alive. Her ability to evoke vivid mental pictures of these exotic places and situations was surprising and thought-provoking. Equally impressive was her ability to evoke the the wide range of feelings of her characters — from mere nervousness and anticipation — to intrigue and passion — to panic, pain, fear, and intense terror. I found myself holding my breath. Could it get any worse? How will they ever get out of this mess? Yes, this is truly a thriller… one that everyone will enjoy.

These reviews help my book get higher in the search rankings, which means more people will find it. So… I’m hoping to browbeat inspire more reviews as my friends & family loyal readers (with Amazon accounts) finish their reading. (Make sure you write it under the paperback version, then copy it to the Kindle version… anyone needs ghostwriting instruction, drop me a line.)

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