Year End Reflection

Oh, gosh. It’s time to review the year’s journey. I take these yearly reviews seriously because I “retired” from the Institution with a “second career” in mind and I definitely don’t want to be “retired.” However, I have reached the point where I can say “I’m retired” with a defiant glint in my eye. On the other hand, it’s amazing to me that I’m still “finding myself” with the same reeling intensity as my barely out-of-adolesence nephews. (Well, except that I have a BA, MS, 3 decades of work experience, and a retirement account… so I kinda have the privilege of actually enjoying “coming of age” in my sixties.) December 31 is my Day of Reflection. Reflecting seeming more important than Resolutions. Maybe that goes along with my habit of thinking that Preparation is more important than Planning.

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  1. Hi there,

    I read your blog entry with interest and also the comments you wrote in your mad in pursuit journal regarding F. Scott Fitzgerald who said, “There are no second acts in American lives.”

    Firstly though, I was interested in what you said above about retiring – from what exactly? I am sort of trying to change my career too – I have been a teacher for 12 years and now I am turning my attention to writing f/t. I am also on the last legs of a PhD Writing by artefact. You mentioned a screenplay – how’s that coming along? I wrote a screenplay for my MA Writing.

    Regarding your comments re F Scott F., there are so many ways to understand that quote and to be honest, I only heard it on the TV yesterday though I do like his work (‘Action is character’ etc.) Is that really true that we Europeans don’t have or even understand the frontier mentality?

    ‘Europeans don’t have infinite frontiers in their psyche, so they are stuck with problem-solving and pessimism’.

    That’s a pretty bleak assessment – a big statement which carries a lot of baggage with it. An interesting one too though which I’ll inevitably mull over for a while.

    Here’s my relatively new blog if you’re interested in exchanging blog entries from time to time and of course each other’s URLs.

    Good luck with your retirement and screenplay

    all the best

    Urban Crazy Man (Tom)

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