Christmas Road Trip, Part 1

Jim and I are happy and relieved to be in St Louis surrounded by family, old memories and the sweet smells of Christmas. The road trip part though was hard this year. Or should I just say, more of an adventure than usual. Day 1 got off to a slow start because we had to drop our bird off out in Fairport and wind our way through a snowing rush hour to I-39O. We plotted a more southerly route to avoid the bad lake-effect snows between Cleveland and east of Buffalo. The route down through New York and Pennsylvania was lovely but slow, adding 12O miles to the usual 8OO-mile trip. We bunked in Mansfield Ohio for the night.

We thought Day 2 would be smooth cruising down to Columbus and across I-7O to StL. But west of Indianapolis we hit the ice. 1OO miles of black ice. We almost gave in to find a hotel room near Terra Haute, when everyone ahead of us pulled off the exit. But one bus stayed on the highway. So we did too.

By the time we reached Effingham Illinois there had been a lot of F-ing. All you can do really is proceed slow and steady [and provide a lot of good and well-appreciated :-] coaching to your driver-buddy]. The scenery was apocalyptic, with lots of cars and tractor-trailers in the ditches. Flashing lights of emergency vehicles.

After Effingham we were able to pick up speed… Till we hit the icy thunderstorm deluge about 5O miles from our destination. More f-ing. We arrived on Juniata St about 4, to the welcome arms of my mom and the aroma of a roast in the oven. And a wee cup of wine for me. 

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2 Responses to Christmas Road Trip, Part 1

  1. kathleen price says:

    And I was so happy that you made it home safely. It was a wonderful visit with you and Jim and all the partying. Love, Mom

  2. Barbara says:

    Yes How well I remembered when we came home from Fort Wayne Ind. back in mid 70’s..From Ft. Wayne to Indy it was parents told us not to come with the weather but Tim said its would be ok:( WELL…..From Indy to St.Louis it was all ice and snow covered roads…Illnois does nothing with their highways..It took us 11 HOURS!!! to cross Illinois cars and truck off the roads in ditches also…It was dark,cold and we had nothing to eat as the kids Timmy and Theresa ate the peanut butter and Jelly sandwiches we had…we were afraid to get off for fear we could not get back on the highway… also there were no cell phones either so not any hotels to stay at so we only stoped for gas and potty stops. and a candy bar here and there…When we got to St.Louis Tim flew back to work after Christmas to Ft.Wayne and came back for us in about two weeks after the roads were clear…So I understand what your trip was like…Never again.!!!!!Glad you got home and back safe and sound..We went to Florida this year.. mid 70’s to see Tim’s sister since neither of the girls could come home for Christmas. We got together with Tim and Mary before we left…Have a good New Year.

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