Joe Lieberman

I don’t like Joe Lieberman. He followed McCain around like a companion dog. He appeared so many times over McCain’s shoulder that it looked like McCain had grown a second head. Many of us Democrats savored the moment he’d be booted out of his Senate leadership positions. Take that <smack>, you whiney war apologist!

So now Obama says “leave Joe alone.” Sigh. He’s right. For one brief moment maybe we can take a breather from the cycle of retribution against the people who’ve done us wrong. Maybe for a moment, a leader can take a page from Jesus and not simply dance with glee on the ruins of the defeated. Forgiveness seems like such a civilized virtue. (Maybe Obama’s not forgiving; maybe he’s just managing his “frenemies.” But I prefer the forgiveness idea.)

Coincidentally “Speaking of Faith” has a good audio on revenge and forgiveness this week.

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