So I put the final touches on my beautiful “Passion & Peril” draft in Adobe InDesign. Totally professional typography job. But then I printed out a page and compared it to the novels I have lying around. Hmm… last week 9pt type looked just fine… now it’s too small… No problem, right? My styles are set up so all I have to do is change “Normal” to 11pt, with a little extra leading, right?

Now we’ve all learned the meaning of FUBAR here, haven’t we? It would take too long to describe the mess. And of course I had done all my revising in that damn layout program, so I had no Word backup of the final version. Steam was coming out of my ears. I knew I could fix it, but oh the HOURS!

Good time to break for supper and a little TV, then back at work. Sl-o-w-ly I unraveled the issue without having to go through line by line again. (And I cut/pasted it all back into a Word document for safekeeping.) It’s 10:30 and the PDF is printing out now, so that my proofreader-in-chief (Jim) can start his job tomorrow.

329 pages. A nice chunky summer read.

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