"Blasting" Through

After Pat and I talked for an hour this afternoon, Pat wrote her daughter Lesley:

We are all (all 3 of us) having such fun…blasting off in all our different directions…and, it’s the fact that we are BLASTING… that ¬†made us ¬†agree about greatness….yep……. “blasting” is the key.

Yes, we are blasting, but isn’t it weird how you can rocket through the universe without moving a muscle? Lesley is refining, refining her software. And Pat is patiently, patiently converting her contact database. And I am revising, revising my book (as of this evening called “Passion & Peril on the Silk Road [colon, dot, dot, dot]).”

I have been sitting so quietly at my computer — no TV, no radio, no music — I think I went out for a haircut on Wednesday — I’m surprised Jim hasn’t put a lampshade on my head. (That must mean I think my light is shining bright… hooray for blasting light into dark corners.)

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