Change of Pace

Out of the blue yesterday I was contacted by a radio producer in the Netherlands. Could I do a tape sync today here in Rochester? A “tape sync” means I record this end of a phone interview and upload the “on location” sound file to her; she matches up both sides so that it sounds like the interview is taking place at the studio, not over the phone. (Secrets of radio.)

Anyway, my first reaction was “naahhh…” Too lazy. Too absorbed in my novel revision. Too stressful. Oh, what a spoiled brat I am! Turn down a paying job? A couple hours work, meeting a local person that Radio Netherlands thinks is interesting enough to warrant a big production? Say yes!

So I got my kit together and headed downtown this morning. The interviewee was a disabilities rights guy who is totally against assisted suicide and/or assisted dying. My job was to shut up and watch the meter on my recorder, but I had to bite my tongue not to join the discussion. He was just totally against any kind of “death with dignity” movement, claiming it was all “political.” How dare anyone call it compassion!

I didn’t really follow his argument. Just hope someone doesn’t overanalyze my own situation… you’ll know when I’m ready… just pull the plug. Please.

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One Response to Change of Pace

  1. Pat says:

    Oh My gosh!! (Shaking head)!! How did you get into this tape sync thing; and then to have the interview be with such a “bummer” ( anti-assisted dying dude). I’ve been contributing to “Compassion & Choices” for the last 10 years; have a great book list on death, dying, and plug pulling…should you ever need it (for another novel, of course).

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