Still lingering over travel stuff… not enough to have produced days of blogs and piles of Flickr photos… what to do… what to do… where do I go with “Zuzu & Zim”? Hmmm… Pat’s book creation is inspiring, but of course she has a Mac and iPhoto… What are my options?

I poked around and honed in on Blurb, with its free Booksmart layout software. Supposedly, it uses the same lovely printing process as the Mac does. The layout software is not as powerful as Adobe Indesign, but is pleasantly brainless. So I started making a photo book of our roadtrip.

Rude awakening: iPhone photos have a resolution of only 72 ppi — so as gorgeous as they are on the small screen they are not good for a book that prints at 300 dpi. We take our digital photos at 180, which is apparently ok… we’ll see. I scanned all my Z&Zs at 150, so I had to redo them… It’s always something.

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