VP Debate

They could make a reality show of it: career public servant pits wits against Theater Club student. The experienced official is authentic, knowledgeable, the real deal. The acting student congenially delivers her set pieces no matter what the question is. She puts on her best impersonation of “the real deal.”

The questions I wish I didn’t have to ask: how many listeners could tell the difference between his authenticity and her speaking her well-rehearsed lines? Does Joe Six-Pack really want a Josy Six-Pack as VP? And who is Joe Six-Pack anyway? Are these the same Bubbas who chose George W because he seemed like a better drinking buddy than Al Gore or John Kerry? The stupid ones?

In 1964 Julie Newmar (a Sarah Palin look-alike) played in a TV series called “My Living Doll.”

Rhoda is an extremely sexy young woman living with womanizing Air Force shrink Bob McDonald. What Bob knows and the rest of the world does not is that Rhoda’s real name is AAF709, and she is actually a sophisticated (yet naive) robot. Bob’s job is to teach Rhoda how to be a “perfect” woman, and keep her identity secret from the world…

So worst case conspiracy scenario: John McCain is the Manchurian Candidate (as we know) and Palin is revealed as his perfected Living Doll robot assistant.

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2 Responses to VP Debate

  1. Pat says:

    I wish you would submit this to all the newspaper editorial departments and also to all the talk radio and TV shows. Listeners DON’T know what they saw! And the way you said it makes it crystal clear….. and terrifying!

  2. Kathleen says:

    I had to answer to one of my email pals who is Republic what I thought of the debate and I told him that Sarah was prepped well. She looked like she had memorized her lines.

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