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Designing Family Crest

My uncle and I are working on a combined Dunne-Price family crest. Kind of non-traditional traditional. Less about marching off to war and more about making a living. Progress report>>>

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Tipping Points

Didn’t we see it coming? I’m thinking about the financial crisis and the warning to Congress that “the end is near” if we taxpayers don’t buy up all the bad loans. I wonder if the same thing will happen to … Continue reading

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What I'm Up To

Catch up on what I’m up to… read>>>

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Cartoon Sister

My sister grew up as “little Kathleen” (in contrast to our mom, who was “big Kathleen”). Neither of them liked their titles. But “little Kathleen” lives on in old photos, stories she tells, and in my effort to capture one … Continue reading

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World Gone Mad

Eat, Drink, and Be Merry? Natural disasters come and go. Stock market rises and falls (and falls, and falls). But the thought of McCain being elected president is what gives me chills. It will signal to the world that America … Continue reading

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Epiphany: Sense of belonging

I had such a happy childhood in the grades I spent at Epiphany — so why do I have this odd sense of estrangement about it when I visit or think back on those years? Read on>>>

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Fifth Grade: Shut Up

My grade school life was divided between the Holy Rosary years and the Epiphany years. The Sisters of St Joseph vs. the Order of St Dominic. The smilers and the screamers. My first “epiphany” at the new school was to … Continue reading

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Creatures that toil by night. Read on>>>

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Enough about politics and techno-tyranny. I need to get back to literary and spiritual explorations. Think about the word “epiphany” — read more>>>

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Architect of My Own Frustration

If our hard drives are a reflection of our minds — oh, dear. But I finally got to the other side of reorganizing my audio files, etc. Read on>>> Or skip the frustration and go directly to my new Cosmo … Continue reading

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