four box flow

four box flowHow do I cultivate the right habits to give me the best chance of experiencing life at its fullest, promote creativity and wisdom, and increase the frequency of magic moments?

This scheme shows 4 basic steps or states -- spaces where something happens. It's based on the simplest of process diagrams: input > process > output. The rest was mind-mapped over a few days. The key question was what practices could be put into place to enhance each step -- how do I make the most of where I am? What do I need to do to keep the pump primed? How do I make sure that there is always enough soup bubbling away on the stove to make a great feast when the occasion arises?

Sources require stimulation, novelty. Practices should expand the world -- reading, observation, travel, conversation, research, etc.

The mysterious "black box of the soul" needs quiet. Practice should include meditation... turning off the stimulation and busyness, providing time and space for the soul to do its work. I have more to learn about "expanding consciousness" here.

The generative process -- results! -- requires focus to get the job done. It also requires development of the appropriate crafts and skills that will allow the job to be done beautifully. So, practice means practice... devoting lots of time to doing, doing, doing, including learning and practicing new skills, techniques and technologies.

Sharing is an option, not a requirement for every product. I also consider it gift-giving. For me, this isn't about marketing or trying to sell anyone on my work. My work is for me. However, relationships are important, along with their give-and-take. Practice means taking some regular effort to appreciate the gifts of others.

Like most "simple" systems, there is a lot of complexity underneath. Each of the boxes give feedback to the box before it. If I share, and my audience is delighted, then I'm inspired to produce more cool stuff. The more stuff I produce, the more puzzles get fed back into the black box for instinct and intuition to play with. The more the soul is stirred, the more stimulation, the more "data" it seeks from all the possible sources in the world.

The second diagram is a distillation of the first.