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Chapter 9 :: Conclusion   

Maxey and Rose sat huddled together in the closet for what seemed like hours.

"What do you think he'll do to us?" Maxey asked.

"Don't even think about it.  He's the meanest man I know."

A lot seemed to be going on in the house.  Clomping footsteps, shouting.  The voices were loud, but too muffled for Maxey to make out.  They sat quietly, hoping that the bad guys would forget about them, but praying that Rose's mother was okay.

Maxey was just about to fade off into sleep when she thought she heard her name.  Must be a dream.

"Maxey?  Maxey?  Are you here?  Maxine Malloy?" The voice was familiar.  Mom!

Maxey began to pound on the door.  "Mom!  Mom!  In the hall closet!  Mom!"

The door swung open and Maxey leaped out into her mother's arms.  They hugged each other for a long time. Maggie Malloy stroked Maxey's hair and said how happy she was to find her.

"Grandpa called me.  He thought you were making up a story, but thought he better let me know.  We just found out Pete Larue's name from one of our informants, but we had no idea where to start looking for him.  I knew if you had his name, if you were at his house, then you were in big trouble.  But you also solved our case for us, Maxey.  We found the murder weapon on Pete Larue."

"And we both heard him say he killed Bald Billy and Fast Frankie, didn't we, Rose?"

Rose nodded.

"So we can be witnesses, right, mom?"

Maggie sighed and hugged Maxey again.  "I swear, baby, you're just like your father."






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