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Chapter 8 :: Rose Tells the Truth   

Mr. Larue grabbed Maxey and shoved her and Rose into a closet.

"What in the heck is going on, Rose?"

"Okay, I might as well tell you the whole story since I know we'll be in here for a long, long, time.  Pete, my Step–"

"Your stepfather!"

"Uh, yeah, my stepdad.  He took my real daddy and did something with him and forced my mother to marry him and he's out every night doing God knows what with his druggie buddies and comes home drunk and high and finds the littlest thing wrong and blows up and beats me and mother."

Rose explained her terrible situation calmly.  Maxey, on the other hand, was going out of her mind.  "You mean, he really hurts you?"

Rose said, "If you mean the broken finger, arm, and black eye... yup, he did all that.  He also killed Billy and Frankie."

"Oh my God!  I knew it!  Let's get out of here!!"

Maxey stood up a tried to open the closet door.   It wouldn't budge.






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