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Chapter 6 :: Maxey's Troubles Get Worse   

When Maxie ran into her house, her parents were in the kitchen.  Maggie was still dressed in her work clothes and Jack was cooking spaghetti.

"Hi, everybody," Maxey said.  After Rose's house, the Malloy house seemed warm and cheerful.  But it turned out that Maxey's parents weren't a bit cheerful.

"Where the devil have you been, young lady?" Jack yelled.  "We've been worried sick."

"But, daddy...."

"And just look at you," Maggie joined in.  "That's the second pair of tights you've ruined in a week.  And look at your sweater.  Don't you realize how expensive it is to buy clothes for you kids?"

"But, mom...."

Jack piled some noodles and sauce into a bowl.  "No excuses, Maxine Sara.  You know the rules around here.  Now take this food and go eat it in your room.  I don't want to see your face the rest of the night."

Tears sprang to Maxey's eyes.  "Nobody ever listens to me," she cried and marched off to her bedroom without the bowl of spaghetti.  She threw herself on her bed and sobbed. No one understood her and everyone was too busy for her.

After a while, she calmed down and turned on her little radio.  The news was on and she was about to change to a different station when something caught her ear.

The radio announcer said:  "The police do not have any leads in yesterday's murder of William Bloom, also known as Bald Billy, a local gangster.  They think that it might be related to last week's murder of Fast Frankie Chapman."

Bald Billy!  The was the name Mr. Larue mentioned. What did he say?  I showed him.  Did that mean that Mr. Larue was the murderer?  Rose's father?  Now Maxey was really worried.






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