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Chapter 3 :: Things Get Stranger

After school Maxey was restless.  She didn't get to go out and play at lunch time because she had been late for school.  So now she was ready for adventure.  She saw Rose walking down Ivanhoe Street and decided to follow her.  Rose walked fast and Maxey got out of breath trying to follow her.  Finally, after many turns, they were in a neighborhood that was new to Maxey.  The tall girl rushed into a big house.  The house was white, but a lot of the paint was peeling off.  It was surrounded by a rickety fence.  No one had mowed the lawn all summer and the weeds reached Maxey's waist.

She snuck into the yard and pushed through the weeds and dead leaves toward the back of the house.  A fly buzzed around her head.  She tried to be quiet but the leaves were crunching underfoot.

"What do you want?" a voice boomed at her.

Maxey gave a short scream of surprise.  The man was monstrous.  He had stringy, black hair and red blotches on his face.  He had just a few teeth and they were covered with green scum.  He stood right in front of her and he smelled like the place under her front porch where the cats go.

"What do you want?" he shouted down to her again.

"I'm -- I'm a f-friend of Rose's."

"Rose ain't got no friends.  Now git, before I call the police.  Don't come snooping around here anymore."  He had a spade in his hand and began to raise it toward her.

Maxey turned and ran all the way home.  Now she was really worried about Rose.

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