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Chapter 2 :: The Sad Girl

Maxey couldn't find out what was wrong.  She asked Rose what was the matter and Rose started to cry again.

When they were in the classroom, the teacher, Mr. Sieve said, "What is the matter?"

Maxey said, "I asked some questions and she started crying."

"What did you say?" said Mr. Sieve.

"Well, I said do you have any brothers or sisters and where does your mom and dad work.  That's all I said."

Rose nodded her head.

"Oh, and Maxey, you're late.  Stay in for lunch."

"Okay, Mr. Sieve."

Well, it was already time for lunch.  They had hot dogs.  Maxey saw Rose and said she was sorry, but Rose started crying again.

Maxey decided she better shut up for a while, but she was dying to know why Rose was so sad.

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