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03 Jan. Art life accountability

4 Jan. Photos, dolls, thoughts unspoken

10 Jan. Girl on fire: Kathleen Barrett

15 Jan. Making faces and altered consciousness

16 Jan. When Curly met Kathleen

21 Jan. a.k.a. Procrastination

25 Jan. Michael Dunne, the second son

30 Jan. Bridget Dunne Price: early years

8 Feb. DIY Silk necktie scarf

12 Feb. Snow-dye dish towel refresh

12 Mar. Mary Dunne Stephens, the early years

14 Mar. Of germs and judgment

15 Mar. Barrett-Curran Timeline

17 Mar. Curly Price: "Old Green River"

18 Mar. 4251 Penrose Street

18 Mar. Barretts of Catawissa (family circle diagram)

19 Mar. Love in the time of fever, famine, fire

22 Mar. Ellen Gibbons Barrett

28 Mar. Elizabeth Dunne Kilmartin

29 Mar. Bill Hession

1 Apr. "As God is my witness" (eating in the pandemic time)

2 Apr. Making masks

3 Apr. What is your superpower?

6 Apr. Palm Sunday, 1912

8 Apr. Pandemic diary: 10,000 dead [index card drawing: covid diary]

9 Apr. Paranoia

10 Apr. Full of sound and fury [index card drawing: covid diary]

14 Apr. Making masks, round 2

14 Apr. [index card drawing: covid diary]

19 Apr. Virtual seance, 1908

21 Apr. [index card drawing: covid diary]

25 Apr. Leclaire: Illinois utopia

1 May. Bob Barrett's fiery crash

6 May. Kitty Flanagan: the saga begins

20 May. Kitty Flanagan and the writing life

10 Jun. The writing life, cont'd

8 Sept. The writing streak

22 Sept. Buddies (my single poem)

9 Oct. Two Barrett cousins

15 Nov. Postponing marriage, living with your parents

22 Nov. Kitty and Tom get married (with audio)

25 Nov. Pandemic... Thanksgiving... 1918 (with audio)

26 Nov. Recording my voice.

31 Dec. 17th Annual Art-Life Review, 2020